Engage at a deep level with your customers and prospects

Connect with your prospects and customers at a deeper, visceral level through the simple, genuine, fun interactions that our chatbots provide.

With Sentimer chatbots, reach and interact with younger customers (i.e. millennials) where they love to be: messaging apps, social networks, or your website/app

Personalize at Scale with AI

Our User Experience Engine leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide total customization of each interaction with prospects and customers experience.

Tailor everything: questions and conversation flow, options presented, speed, duration, chatbot tone, media, etc. and take corrective actions to ensure every user gets the right experience

Position as a trusted advisor with Hyper-targeting

Generate real-time personalized, tailored offerings to your customers with our chatbot user needs discovery process and the insights gathered during interaction

Surprise your users with relevant contents and learn which and why some products and contents work with our chatbot analytics

8 reasons people love chatbots

Chatbots are the new user interface connecting people to companies: Combine the familiarity of messaging, empathy of a friend and recommendation skills of an advisor, creating a truly unique experience

How can our Chatbots improve your business?

Increased Sales

Expanded reach to new segments and footprint in every phone

Increased offerings conversion rates and boost cross-selling

Happier Customers

Increased customer satisfaction and engagement with your products

Better service and expanded channel reach

More Efficiency

Better sales channel utilization with chatbot referrals and information

Optimization of social network marketing budget

Industry-specific chatbots with domain expertise

We have unique chatbots for the key use cases and processes in your sector. Check yours now!

Banking Insurance Utilities Auto

Delight at every step of your customers journey

Our chatbots address multiple use cases of the customer journey in your industry

Acquisition & Marketing

Social network acquisition
Advisor & recommender
Customer insights

Service & Support

Customer Support
Resource finder

Growth & Loyalty

Proactive outreach


Sales scripting
Indirect channel support