Intelligent Platform Built to Delight

Sentimer platform incorporate AI, analytics and tools to enable you to create, improve and control outstanding user interactions

Artificial Intelligence Analytics Multichannel Deployment

Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Enable truly great experiences with our AI Platform

Real-Time UX Monitoring

Our chatbots determine the quality of user experience in real time and take corrective actions to maximize interaction quality

Interaction Personalization

Optimize the experience of each user by adjusting in real time every aspect of the interaction: chatbot flow, speed, tone, etc.

Hypertargeted offerings

Provide unique, tailored advice and product recommendations to your users based on their revealed needs and context

Natural Language

Our chatbots leverage NLP to understand user spoken/ typed interactions, enabling better intent definition and more meaningful responses


Self-Learning machines

Turn every user interaction with the chatbot into valuable learnings with Sentimer machine learning algorithms; Improve gradually the quality of personalization features and recommendations and ramp-up faster your new bots

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Testing & Analytics

Analytics tools for performance

Real-time monitoring

Maintain complete visibility on your chatbot with reporting and analytics of main KPIs

Built-in Testing

Run tests on product recommendations, personalization features, contents, etc. to determine what works best

Performance analytics

Set goals and analyze performance of your bot across multiple metrics with rich visualizations

Advanced customer insights

Enrich your understanding of prospects and customers incorporating social graph and chatbot interactions; Unearth new customer segments and get a grasp of what recommendations and contents work best

Chatbots live where users love to hang out

Sentimer chatbots live in social networks and messaging apps, where your users spend time, share experiences and ask for recommendations. Sentimer gains you access to mobile users with the kind of interaction they love and feel comfortable with Check our Facebook Messenger chatbots

Straightforward deployment

Painless platform deployment and usage

Deployment Forget about complex deployments with our straightfoward setup

architecture Sentimer platform adapts to the reality of your IT system to minimize deployment and operational friction

Fully Secured Environment Authenticated login and bank-grade security to give you peace of mind