Personalize the car purchasing experience

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Customer Acquisition Solutions

Attract more customers more efficiently

Car Purchase Chatbot:
An advisor at your fingertips

· Facilitate your prospects' discovery process with a quick way to find what vehicles in your portfolio fit their needs
· Liven up the car purchase process through down-to-earth, interactive conversations.
· Enrich ad campaigns and increase their efficiency with actionable, relevant next actions.
· Position your brand as a trusted advisor and increase the number and quality of leads

Car Configurator Chatbot: Tailored recommendations

· Provide your prospects with suggestions on the best features and services for their cars
· Leverage our interactive, adaptative discovery process to discover customer design and driving preferences
· Drive up purchasing intent and conversions with more relevant recommendations, detailed feature explanations and rich media content

Customer Insights Chatbot: Learn about your customers

· Leverage our chatbots to test new car features and generate rich marketing intelligence
· FInd early what features work best and which segments respond better
· Configure your Insights Chatbot for goals such as customer need understanding, segmentation, feature preference or brand perception
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Customer Fidelization, Growth & Service Solutions

Shine at the moments of truth

Owner Advisor Chatbot

· Provide tips and usage suggestions on the car features and exclusive content about your coming offerings
· Combine chatbot interactions with your existing customer data to understand ongoing life events or renewal activity do you can anticipate and provide tailored offerings
· Support your customer during onboarding to ensure a positive experience

Service Chatbot

Reinforce customer loyalty by ensuring a great experience in every interaction. We can help you customize our bot to your specific processes
· Intelligent Concierge for key services such as scheduled services/inspections, recalls, etc.
· Simplified recurring transactions such as payments, information update, etc.
· Frictionless help and support, through intuituitive, simple conversational interface