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Acquire new customers and gain promoters with chatbot-enabled interative experiences

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Customer Acquisition Solutions

Attract more customers more efficiently

Insurance Adviser Chatbot: an expert at your fingertips

· Help your prospects and customers to find quickly what kind of insurance they need and which of your products can help them
· Available for car, home, health, retirement and pensions, life, and more coming
· Reach millennials with life and non-life offerings
· Liven up the insurance discovery process through down-to-earth, interactive conversations.
· Enrich your ad campaigns with actionable, relevant next actions to increase their efficiency.
· Position as a trusted advisor and increase the number and quality of leads generated

Insurance Quote Chatbot: Turboboost conversions

· Find for your prospects and customers what products match their needs and how much will it cost to them
· Available for car, home, health, retirement and pensions, life, and more coming
· Reduce the leaks in your funnel with our AI-platform, analyzing in real-time customer probability of abandonment and taking corrective action
· Drive up purchasing intent and conversions with AI-generated recommendations and plain language explanations

Cross-selling Chatbot: Right policy at the right time

· Anticipate to your customer demands with honest suggestions to get more advantageous insurance policies
· Combine chatbot interactions with your existing customer data to determine whether his insurance needs or life situation has changed
· Create tailored proposals for your customers with simple, clear highlights of the incremental benefits for them

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Customer Service & Support Solutions

Shine at moments of truth and boost support efficiency

Service and Support: Customer Area Chatbot

· Provide your customers with a full, simple solution to handle majority of their support needs
· Available for any insurance product: home, car, health, investments, life, etc.
· Customize chatbot to your customer product portfolio and preferences
· Simplify frequent transactions such as billing, reimbursements, etc.
· Enrich their policy experience with tailored advice on lifestyle, health, finance, etc.
· Empower your customers to find quickly and understand their benefits in simple words

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Customer Proactive Care

Anticipate to your customers needs and desires

Proactive Reach:
Customer Care Chatbot

· Move a to a proactive care model by anticipating to your customer needs, desires and complaints
· Ensure a great experience in the most critical moment for customers by notifying and driving the conversation
· Focus on horizontal capabilities (billing, claims status, approvals and reimbursements, policy-related advice) and vertical (portfolio value change, doctor appointments, car repair finding, etc.)
· Reroute customers to the appropiate channel based on real-time monitoring of interactions

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Insurance Video-demos

Check our Insurance Chatbots at work!

Customer Service Area

Customer Service Health
Request medical appointment, change copayments, request reimbursement and medical approval, etc.

Proactive Customer Care

Proactive care Health
Appointment reminders, bills, benefits, health advice, reimbursement and approval notifications

Retirement Planning

Acquisition & X-selling Investment
Financial planning & retirement advisor, investment goal setting, financial product recommendation

Customer Service Area

Customer Service Investment
Check balances, set fund contribution, search financial products, request reimbursement, consult transactions

Health Plan Finder

Acquisition & X-selling Health
Healthcare needs analysis, health plan recommendation, additional coverage finder, product presentation

Home Insurance Finder

Acquisition & X-selling Home
Home insurance advisor, home insurance premium calculation, product presentation

Car Insurance Finder

Acquisition & X-selling Car
Car insurance advisor, car insurance premium calculation, product presentation

Life Insurance Finder

Acquisition & X-selling Life
life insurance advisor, life insurance premium calculation, product presentation

Sales Operations Solutions

Empower your salesforce to deliver

Provide your sales channels with chatbots that support them to create highly-engaging customer interactions and better recommendation, pushing their conversion rates.

Homogeneize the sales experience and quality across direct channels (offices, call center, remote agents) or broker channel.