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Serve your customers more efficiently and attract new customers with chatbot-enabled interative experiences

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Customer Service & Support Solutions

Shine at moments of truth and boost support efficiency

Service and Support: Customer Area Chatbot

· Provide your customers with a full, simple solution to self-handle the majority of their support needs
· Simplify frequent transactions such as billing, complaints, power or tariff changes, maintenance request, etc.
· Enable DIY solutions with clear step by step guidance on common maintenance issues
· Available for all utility product or service: light, gas and maintenance
· Configure each customer chatbot to her specific product portfolio and preferences
· Help your customers to save with tailored advice on energy savings and habits
· Empower your customers to find quickly and understand their benefits in simple words

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Customer Proactive Care

Anticipate to your customers moments of truth

Proactive Reach:
Customer Care Chatbot

· Move a to a proactive care model by anticipating to your customer needs, desires and complaints
· Ensure a great experience in the most critical customer moments by starting and driving the conversation
· Save your customers unpleasant surprises anticipating them higher than usual bills or price hikes
· Provide bills, status of changes or complaints, interruptions and weather alerts, energy tips and best times to consume, etc.
· Reroute customers to the appropiate channel based on real-time monitoring of interactions

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Customer Acquisition Solutions

Attract more customers more efficiently

Energy Plan Advisor Chatbot: Tariff Recommendation at your fingertips

· Help your prospects to easily determine their energy needs and how your plans can help them
· Available for your energy (light and gas) and maintenance services
· Liven up the discovery & gas purchase process through down-to-earth, interactive conversations
· Enrich your ad campaigns with actionable, relevant next actions to increase their efficiency
· Acceed new market segments such as millennials
· Position as a trusted advisor and increase the number and quality of leads generated

Cross-selling Chatbot: Right tariff at the right time

· Anticipate to your customer demands with honest suggestions to get more advantageous utility tariffs
· Combine chatbot interactions with your existing customer data to determine whether his energy needs or habits have changed
· Create tailored proposals for your customers with simple, clear highlights of the incremental benefits for them

Customer Insights Chatbot: Learn about your customers

· Use our chatbots to test with your customers new energy plans and services
· Configure your Insights Chatbot for specific goals such as customer need understanding, segmentation, feature preference or brand perception
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Utility Video-demos

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Customer Service Area

Customer Service Light & Gas
Manage bills, analyze consumption, change power, complaints, meter readings

Proactive Customer Care

Proactive care Light & Gas
Bill notification, high bill anticipation, complaint management, energy saving recommendations

Energy Plan Recommender

Acquisition & X-selling Light & Gas
Energy needs determination, tariff recommendation, savings calculator

Sales Operations Solutions

Empower your salesforce to deliver

Provide your sales channels with chatbots that support them to create highly-engaging customer interactions and better recommendation, pushing their conversion rates.

Homogeneize the sales experience and quality across direct channels (offices, call center, remote agents) or broker channel.