Conversion Assistant

Create personalized journeys for each visitor and optimize every stage of your demand generation funnel in a smart way.

Personalized recommendations in a videobot help to engage customers and lead to purchase

Optimize Sales & Lead Generation

Sentimer helps you reach at your visitors at the right moment, learn their needs, and deliver personalized experiences and recommendations that convert.
Smart Engagement

Reach the customer at the right moment.

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Personalized journey and recommendations.

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Guided Selling

Help your customers find the perfect product.

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Abandonment Prevention

Address inactive users and anticipate abandonment.

Why Brands Pick Sentimer

Conversion Rate
Optimized funnel with conversational AI convert visitors 2x than standard sites.
Increased Sales
Personalized conversations lead to 73% higher sales.
Guided selling assistant brings 80% ROI increase.

Smart Engagement

Predictive engagement to increase revenue

Use real-time and historical data to determine the optimal engagement moment for each customer
Drive more revenue and increase ROI per campaign by predicting behavior patterns and determining the best next step
Reduce the number of steps & create a frictionless conversion funnel. Conversion Assistant decreases the complexity and time needed to complete a conversion, simplifying your digital processes and powering up your website.
Personalization converts 68% more

Personalize every visit

Every visitor has a different goal on your website. But you can't have different pages for every one of them, right?

Use personalized conversations to help your visitors get what they need every time. What we can personalize:

Tone, Offers, Routing options
Personalized conversations increase conversion
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See Sentimer in Action!

Book a demo and one of our experts will show how Sentimer can help you to improve sales, discover leaks on your funnel and optimize overall conversion.

Guided Product Recommendations

Help your customers find the perfect product by guiding them through a personalized product recommendation flow.

Sentimer AI engine analyzes multiple data points collected from the sources of traffic, on-site behavior, CRM and much more to create highly personalized offers in real time.

AI-based expert provides personalized beauty recommendations to every shopper

Identify intent

Use Sentimer AI analytics engine to identify visitor's intent within the first seconds of their landing in your online store.

Sentimer intent-based recommendation engine helps you automatically match user requirements with your product catalog, descriptions, customer reviews and other historical data to offer relevant buying guidance and increase conversions.

AI analytics engine identifies visitor's intent within the first seconds of their landing in your online store

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