Conversion funnel optimization

AI engine to perform purchase funnel analysis to identify and plug leaks, reduce bounce rate, recovere inactive users and optimize customer experience at every stage.

AI engine optimizes funnel performance through behavioral analytics and conversations

Funnel Analysis

Historical and predictive analytics for advanced funnel insights.
Find and plug leaks in your funnel

Find key drivers for drop-off and conversion on your website, landing pages and customer journey.

Optimize marketing and sales funnel
Activate idle & low engagement visitors

Use personalized nudges to activate visitors that become idle or do not initiate conversion actions.

Engage customers with personalized experiences
Gain unique qualitative insights about your customers and campaigns

Enrich your understanding of what your customers want, analyze their sentiment along the customer journey and consumer behaviors.

Know your customer
Improve completion of your cart or form processes

Discover which steps and fields concentrate drop-off and errors, and help users to complete.

Analyze forms and shopping cart

Why Brands Pick Sentimer

Conversion Rate Optimization
Optimized conversion funnel with conversational AI gets 2x more customers than standard sites.
Cart Abandon Rate
Proactive engagement and personalized offers reduce shopping cart abandoned 32%.
Guided selling AI assistant brings 80% ROI increase.

Discover how your page really works

Spot lead magnets, pain points and problems that lower your conversion rates.

Discover the elements of a page that drive conversion so that you can highlight them to bring your customers attention at the right time.
Discover which specific components of your website are making your customers navigate away from your website, including technical issues.
Use interactions to gather customer feedback on the spot on what is not working for them and provide solutions to their issues.
Over 68% of shopping carts get abandoned :(

Shopping Cart Performance and Forms Completion

Discover confusing and malfunctioning fields in your forms to maximize form completion, registration processes and overall conversion. Receive real-time alerts and automate form completion support to improve performance.

Consumer behavior
Error analysis
Field abandonment
Time analytics
AI engine analyzes your forms and cart experience to maximize completion

Obtain unique qualitative insights about your users

Enrich your understanding of visitors and which strategies perform best with AI-driven analytics for sentiment, behavioral and customer intent insights.

Discover what drives conversion

Find out which messages and elements of your experience make users engage and what drives their conversion.

Understand how your segments behave on different stages of the funnel.

Smart AI analytics to monitor and understand visitors behaviour

Test and measure

Set up testing for multiple variants (conversation start, conversational flow, type of prompt to action, recommendations, routing options, etc.).

Learn how your segments respond to changes on the website, journey or offering.

Perform tests and measure to increase conversion for each segment

Discover why visitors abandon

Find out which elements and messages make customers navigate away from your website.

Determine which moments and behaviors are more critical to conversion. Learn why users drop during form completion or checkout process.

AI engine identifies and fixes issues in your forms to ensure completion

Know your customers in-depth

Gain unique qualitative insights on what is most important for your customers.

Sentimer gathers feedback and aggregates it by segment, topic, journey touchpoints so you can drive actionable changes on your website and journey.

Conversational AI analytics brings you qualitative insights

Boost your Campaigns

Leverage 1st party data from your visitors to improve your campaign performance.
1st Party Data

Interaction data (events, intents, context, etc.) can be sent to DMP to create audiences and more precise targeting.

Customized Digital Journeys

Best conversational AI practices to personalize every user journey depending on campaign features: organic vs. paid, targeting and audience characteeristics, new vs. returning visitor, retargeting visitor and more.

Remarketing & Lead Scoring

Support to retargeting strategy with lead scoring based on interaction quality and milestones. Assistants can add cookies/pixels for retargeting, to create audiences or any other campaign goal.

Conversational marketing and advertising

Sentimer enables advertisers to lead ad clicks from their campaigns directly to a conversational landing page, using chatbot or voicebot in the web or desired channel (vs. standard web/landing).