Generate more qualified leads

Improve lead quality with real time analytics of customer behaviour and personalized qualification process powered by AI.

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Conversational AI and behavioral analytics help increase lead quality and get more leads

Lead Qualifier

Improve lead quality with real time analytics of customer behavior and personalized qualification process powered by AI.
Conversations not forms

Conversations drive 70% higher completion rate than forms.

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AI-driven Qualification

Make the right questions to the right visitors.

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Fast-track hot leads

Advance valuable leads to the next stage of conversion.

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More efficient processes

Prevent unwanted calls by qualifying users before they call.

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Here are the numbers

Qualified Leads
Personalized process with fast-tracking generates 40% more qualified leads.
Completion Rate
AI-driven lead qualification achieves 72% higher completion rates than standard forms.
Reduce your CPL
Automated qualification process reduces operating costs by 26%.

Conversations not forms

Customer engagement strategy to increase revenue

A smart conversational assistant can collect the information by interacting with customers without showing any form, or help visitors to complete a form when someone is stuck or needs help entering information.
Conversational AI takes the tedious forms out of your website and allows you to collect data in a user-friendly way. Create an easy flow to get information, verify the data and re-engage to drive completions.
A smart conversational chatbot will identify when someone is lost and help them to find the right page, reducing “false” form submissions and avoiding unqualified leads going to your sales team.
Sentimer Lead Qualifier is powered by AI and is user-friendly replacement for static forms
AI brings 39% more qualified leads

AI-driven qualification

Your salespeople’s time is a valuable asset for your business. Save it by sending the information they need along with the leads. Have a smart analytics engine based on AI to create a lead profile using behavior data, source of traffic and 50 other datapoints. Prompt a conversation before someone requests a contact from sales, and ask additional questions to fine-tune the profile.

Customer behavior
Historical data
Engagement with content
smart analytics engine based on AI creates a lead profile
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Fast-track hot leads & minimize unwanted calls

Route prospects according to their temperature and value.

Engage users early to run prequalification to fast-track high quality leads. Smart routing enables you to assign different channels to different segments and leads.

Users requesting high-cost channels such as phone go through a prequalification process in order to ensure adequate fit with company goals.

AI engine routes prospects according to their potential and temperature