Boost your sales with GPT

Autonomous GPT-Sales Agents that drive your sales with your rules and data

GPT & AI for Marketing & Sales

Sentimer GPT & AI Conversational Platform provides tailored autonomous solutions to automate and boost performance across your customer journey.
personalized recommendations increase sales

GPT-Automation for Sales

Streamline sales processes, automate tasks (lead gen, prospecting, follow-ups, sales call, interaction), handle higher sales volume with minimal human intervention.

qualify leads to improve funnel preformance

True Personalization

Use NLP and ML to understand customer preferences, provide tailored recommendations and responses, increase satisfaction and sales conversion rates.

discover opportunities to optimize your funnel


Effortlessly handle multiple sales interactions, scale to meet high demand, ensure prompt responses and engagement.

AI analytics to optimize conversion rate


Learn from interactions, analyze sales data, refine responses, strategies, and recommendations, enhance sales processes and outcomes.

personalized recommendations for ecommerce

Customized to your company

Tailor systems to align with business rules, utilize specific data, train as a human salesperson, follow unique strategies and objectives.

optimize landing page performance

Build Complex AI Ecosystems

Create intricate AI architectures, agents collaborate and interact, achieve complex goals, tackle challenging business scenarios, exceptional outcomes.

Truly Autonomous Systems

Sentimer AI platform combines Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics and Conversational Marketing to enhance customer experience and results.
Autonomous Task Iteration

AutoGPT empowers the product with autonomous task iteration capabilities, leveraging the advanced GPT-4 model. It allows the product to independently loop, iterate, and create new instances of the AI model to complete complex sales tasks with minimal human intervention.

AGI with GPT-4 and LLM

TBy leveraging GPT-4 and AutoGPT's chaining of LLM thoughts, it achieves versatility, adaptability, and the ability to perform various sales tasks without specific programming or training for each task.

API Integration for Automated Sales Actions

Seamless integration with relevant APIs, including purchasing APIs, enabling automated sales actions. GPT-4 can autonomously execute multistep plans, such as product searches and purchases, leveraging the capabilities of integrated APIs for streamlined sales processes.

Increase Sales, Leads & Conversion

Sentimer AI platform optimizes performance across all stages of your funnel
conversational marketing increasing conversion rates

Conversion Assistant

Increase conversions and drive more sales by reaching visitors at the right moment with the right recommendation

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predictive analytics improving marketing and sales funnel

Funnel Optimizer

Discover funnel drops and abandonment drivers, learn what makes a highly converting website and improve your business funnel conversion with behavior analytics

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generation of leads with ai lead qualification

Lead Qualifier

Increase quality of marketing leads, fast-track hot leads and increase call-center efficiencies with AI-driven lead qualification

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Solutions for Marketing & Sales

Sentimer AI Conversational Platform provides tailored solutions to address specific issues across your customer journey.
personalized recommendations increase sales

Conversion rate optimization

Generate leads and increase conversions sales and leads activating inactive or unengaged users, providing personalized recommendations and advice, and moving them along the digital sales funnel

Web conversion increase
qualify leads to improve funnel preformance

Lead Qualification

Start conversations with your website visitors for early qualification, fast-track hot leads to hyper personalization channels and deliver high quality leads to your SDRs, BDRs or contact center agents.

Qualified leads
discover opportunities to optimize your funnel

Web and Funnel Drops

Discover how your visitors interact with all elements in their journey and identify customer experience issues, underperforming content and messages, and analyze behaviors to boost conversion

Abandonment reduction
AI analytics to optimize conversion rate

Campaign Budget Optimization

Personalize customer experience on your website to optimize your marketing campaigns, leverage behavioral data to adapt your campaigns to visitor behavior and learn what makes your visitors convert

Advertising optimization
personalized recommendations for ecommerce

eCommerce & Cart Recovery

Provide shoppers with personalized product recommendations, recover inactive, unengaged or leaving customers and increase shopping cart completion

Personalized recommendations
optimize landing page performance

Landing Page Optimization

Reduce bounce rate, activate visitors with personalized experiences and journeys, and qualify visitors moving them along the marketing funnel with conversational AI.

Landing page conversion

Why Brands Pick Sentimer

Conversion Rate
Optimized marketing funnel with conversational AI convert visitors 2x than standard sites.
Qualified Leads
Personalized qualification with fast-tracking generates 40% more qualified leads than standard forms.
Conversational websites using Sentimer AI platform achieve 80% higher ROI on average.

AI Features for conversion & sales

Sentimer AI platform combines Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics and Conversational Marketing to enhance customer experience and results.
Smart Engagement

Grab user attention at the right moment, recover inactive users & proactively support for conversion


Personalize customer journey & experience, conversation openings, product recommendations, channels, advertising campaigns, etc.

Natural Language

Deep learning NLP engine for generating intent data with context and learning for non-linear conversations

Testing & Learning

A/B/n Testing of UX, UI & flows (such as images, offerings, openings), with automated learning of best performing options

AI-Qualification & Fast-Track

Adaptative qualification process with smart routing to early unearth best leads and avoid unwanted calls.

Behavioral analytics

Combine user behavior, conversational insights and context to understand abandonment and conversion drivers

Actionable Insights

Sentimer offers a full suite of tools to help you analyze, understand and optimize your funnel.

Discover what drives conversion rate

Find out which messages and elements of your website experience make customers engage and what drives their conversion.

Understand how your segments behave on different stages of the funnel.

AI engine monitoring visitors experience to increase engagement and drive conversions

Test and measure

Set up AI multivariate user experience testing (Opening, conversational flow, nudge behavior, recommendations, routing options, etc.).

Learn how your segments respond to changes on the website, journey or offering.

Analyze and optimize conversion for each segment

Discover why visitors abandon

Find out which elements and messages of your website are causing abandonment.

Determine which moments and behaviors are more critical to conversion. Learn why users drop during form completion or checkout process.

Real-time AI analytics to discover why users drop during form completion or checkout process.

Know your customer in-depth

Gain unique qualitative insights on what is most important for your customeers and prospects.

Sentimer gathers feedback and aggregates it by segment, topic, journey touchpoints so you can drive actionable changes on your website design and customer journey.

AI analytics monitor what visitors say to determine their propensity to buy

Boost your Advertising Campaigns

Sentimer integrates to your paid advertising campaigns to optimize their performance and feed unique first party data to enhance campaign design.
Customize user experience by campaign/source

Sentimer platform enables personalization of opening and conversational flow by campaign or source: organic vs. paid traffic, specific campaigns and audiences, new vs. returning visitors, retargeting, etc..

First Party Data

Leverage user interaction data and feedback (events, intents, context, etc.) in your DMP for enhancement of Audience Creation & Campaign Analysis.


Add cookies/pixels for retargeting or any other campaign goal to visitors that engaged with conversion assistant. Leverage interaction data and user engagement scoring to enrich your retargeting decisions.

Conversational advertising

Sentimer enables advertisers to direct ad clicks straightforward to a conversational experience in any channel, reducing bounce and personalizing landing page experience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentimer helps you start conversation with your visitors at the right moment, understand their needs, and deliver personalized experiences and recommendations that convert.
Boost engagement with personalized videochat
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    Prompt action

    Reach the customer with a smart nudge at the right moment

  2. Icon


    Personalized journeys and recommendations

  3. Icon

    Guided Selling

    Help your customers find the perfect product

  4. Icon

    Prevent exit intent

    Address inactive users and engage them to prevent exit intent

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See Sentimer in Action!

Book a demo and one of our experts will show how Sentimer can help you to drive sales, discover drops in your funnel and optimize conversion rate.

Conversion Funnel Optimization

Identify and address drops, reduce inactivity and bounce rate, and enrich campaigns with 1st party insights.
Smart analytics identify and address issues that prevent conversion and provide rich insights funnel analytics data to discover opportunities to improve
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    Find and plug drops in your funnel

    Find key drivers for drop-off and conversion on your website, landing pages and customer journey.

  2. Icon

    Recover idle & unengaged users

    Use personal nudges to activate visitors that become idle or do not initiate conversion actions.

  3. Icon

    Gain unique qualitative insights

    Enrich your understanding of visitors intent, sentiment and behaviors.

  4. Icon

    Form completion and registration process

    Discover which fields concentrate drop-off, errors and prompt users to complete registration or sign-up process.

Advertising Budget Optimization

Leverage first-party data from your customer behaviour to improve your campaign performance and optimize advertising budget.
1st Party Data

Interaction data (events, intents, context, etc.) can be sent to DMP to create audiences and more precise targetint.

Customized Digital Journeys

Best conversational AI practices to personalize every user journey depending on campaign features: organic vs. paid, targeting and audience characteeristics, new vs. returning visitor, retargeting visitor and more.

Remarketing & Lead Scoring

Support to retargeting strategy with lead scoring based on interaction quality and milestones. Assistants can add cookies/pixels for retargeting, to create audiences or any other campaign goal.

Conversational marketing and advertising

Sentimer enables advertisers to lead ad clicks from their campaigns directly to a conversational landing page, using chatbot or voicebot in the web or desired channel (vs. standard web/landing).

Ready to take your ROI to the next level?

Generate more qualified leads

Improve lead quality with real time analytics of user behavior and personalized qualification process powered by AI.
personalized qualification process powered by AI
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    Conversations not forms

    Conversations drive 70% higher completion rate than forms

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    AI-driven Qualification

    Make the right questions to the right visitors

  3. Icon

    Fast-track hot leads

    Advance valuable leads to the next stage of conversion

  4. Icon

    Reduce waste in your call-center

    Prevent unwanted call by qualifying users before they call

E-Commerce made personal

Leverage conversational AI to provide personalized recommendations, activate idle and unengaged visitors, and reduce number of shopping carts abandoned
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    Personalized recommendations

    Drive 35% higher sales with personalized recommendations in key categories

  2. Icon

    Recover idle & unengaged

    Conversational AI grabs user attention to return to the purchasing process

  3. Icon

    Reduce cart abandonment

    Increase shopping cart completion rates with proactive support during checkout process

  4. Icon

    Learn user preferences

    Gather unique 1st party data on user preferences and qualitative feedback on your products

Beauty advisor is an example of AI-driven personalization for e-commerce

Why Sentimer?

Discover why hundreds of companies trust Sentimer to boost their performance.
Fast Time to Market

Days, not months: with ready-to-customize use cases and natural language

No need for development teams

Covers Design, NLP, Tune-up & Optimization that require expertise

Unlimited Personalization

Personalize journeys & experiences, aspect, behavior or recommendations to your customer's needs

Integrations and connect to advertising

Unrestricted enterprise and 3rd party integrations and connections with advertising campaigns.

Optimize your landing page conversion rate

Make the most of your traffic, reduce bounce and increase lead generation in your landing pages.
Personalization and conversational AI optimize landing page performance
  1. Icon

    Tailored to your campaigns

    Personalize conversations based on campaign

  2. Icon

    Reduce bounce rate

    Attract atention of your visitors to start qualification process

  3. Icon

    Drive users towards conversion

    Conversational AI helps user to understand product and start purchase

  4. Icon

    Avoid unwanted calls

    Detect early customers not interested in purchasing

Ready to take your conversion rate to the next level?


Sentimer solutions are customized to specific industries to maximize user engagement and performance vs. one size fits all solutions.
banking conversion rate optimization and banking chatbots

Banking & Lending

insurance conversion rate optimization and insurance chatbots


ecommerce conversion rate optimization and ecommerce chatbots